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Chromecast Review

Google Chromecast is now available in Bangladesh, but is it worth the investment? The following review takes an in-depth look at Google Chrome cast 2, including what it is, what it has to offer, pros vs. cons, and a quick comparison of Chrome cast 2 to Chrome cast 1, as well as to Apple TV and Roku. Here we will discuss and show you How to Convert a regular TV in to a Smart TV with this little gadget. How you could get the best performance with your broadband line that you already paying and with your WiFi router in Bangladesh. If you don’t have any Smart TV then let’s make one yourself-

What is Google Chromecast V2?

Chromecast V2 is a media streaming device that resembles an HDMI cord. Available in red, black, and yellow, it includes a flexible cord that is plugged into the HDMI plug on your TV. There is a magnet also attached to hold it in place.


How Does Google Chrome cast 2 Work?

You will need a WiFi network and TV with HDMI port. Once you have plugged the device into your HDTV, simply connect it to Wi-Fi and follow the on screen instruction for easy installation. You can quickly and easily send TV shows, movies, and direct screen cast from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to your TV by pushing a single button.


Chromecast in Bangladesh

It’s that easy to access to everything from unlimited live TV, including music, TV shows, and movies, as well as Google Play, Chrome, Netflix, and YouTube. You can choose from thousands of apps (some are free, while others cost money) that allow you to watch more than 200,000 movies and TV shows, 30 million songs, radio, sports, games, and more.


Your smartphone or tablet functions as a remote control for your TV. You can browse, search, and queue, as well as adjust the volume and much more. As an added bonus, you can control the device from anywhere within your home, which is perfect for parents who want to monitor what their kids are watching. For instance, you can choose a show for your kids to watch and cast it to their bedroom TV, while resting comfortably in your own room.

chromecast 2 connection

It’s definitely worth mentioning that you can still use your smartphone or tablet without interrupting what is playing. For example, you can surf the web, answer a phone call, send a text, or get in a round of Candy Crush, while watching TV. Best of all, because Chromecast works over Wi-Fi, it will not drain your battery power.


For a quick demonstration of how easy it is to setup, use and play Google Chromecast 2, refer the bellow video or just follow the on screen instruction. You will be amazed to see the simplicity of the device and with the powerful features on this little gadget.

What Does Chromecast 2 Work With?

You can use Chromecast with any brands or size of TV which has at least one HDMI port to display and it’s works with MacBook and Windows laptop, Android tablet and phone, iPhone, iPad, and Chromebook. You will need to download a small apps from the Apps store and voila… you are ready to go! This device is compatible with most of the brands of smart phone and any brands and models. You will be find millions of free apps that will make you super comfort to get the best performance with your little new friend.


Google Chromecast 2 Pros:

While there too many benefits associated with Google Chromecast 2 to discuss them all, here’s a list of the top advantages for your quick reference.

  • It’s not expensive, especially when compared to the average cost of a monthly cable bill. You can usually purchase Google Chromecast 2 for around Tk. 4,500.00 in Bangladesh. There are no monthly fees, unless you sign up for apps that include recurring charges for premium use.
  • It gives you unlimited viewing options. Whether you want to watch a horror movie, the nightly news, or catch a game of cricket or football, you can do it, regardless of what time of day or night it is.
  • It is easy enough for anyone to use. Even someone with minimal technological knowledge can use Chromecast 2 with their TV and make it smarter then ever! If you are having any issue you can get help to troubleshoot your device.
  • You don’t have to worry about logins or downloads. Chromecast 2 keeps you logged in to all of your phone or tablet’s apps, so there is no need to continuously enter your login or download a new app.
  • You can personalize Chromecast 2. Chromecast allows you, as well as anyone in your family, to track your playlists and favorite shows, as well as share your favorites with others on a shared TV screen.
  • It is fast. With Chromecast 2, you don’t have to sit around waiting for something to load.
  • When you are not casting, you can use your TV screen as a piece of art. You can display anything from Facebook, Google, and Flickr photos to news headlines instead of simply staring at a blank TV screen.
  • Corporate and SME users will appreciate how easy Chromecast 2 makes Power Point presentations. Chromecast 2 eliminates any last minute fumbling when setting up a video presentation, which is definitely beneficial when you are ready to get started.

Potential Cons Associated With Using Google Chromecast 2:

`To be honest, there really isn’t anything negative to say about Chromecast 2 except that you may find it almost impossible to leave your couch due to all the viewing options you have right at your fingertips. To get the best result you will need to have a dual band WiFi router which supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz otherwise it will work as like Chromecast V1 and at 2.4GHz.


The Advantages of Using Chromecast 2 over Chromecast 1:

​        Not only does the device’s design look better than the original and make it easier to take with you when traveling, but Chromecast 2 is also considerably faster than 1. In addition,2worksseamlessly with a greater number of apps and is compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, unlike Chromecast 1. Essentially, the best way to describe is that the best just got better.


How Does Chromecast 2 Compare with AppleTV and Roku?

  • When compared to Apple TV, Chromecast 2 is both considerably less expensive and smaller in size. Apple TV is a set-top box that only supports Apple devices, while Chromecast 2 supports Android and iOS devices.
  • Chromecast 2 is also slightly less expensive than Roku, as well as smaller in size. Roku has a longer adapter that could easily be damaged. Additionally, you are able to begin streaming content on Chromecast 2 more quickly because the setup process is so simple.

This is always a great idea to upgrade your all gadgets or useful device and this time you will be able to update your most favorite and most used by all of your family members- Yes i am talking about your old TV. So, if it has at least one HDMI port buy this little gadget and make your old TV in to a powerful Smart TV without buying a new one.

Will Chromecast work in Bangladesh?

Lots of buyer ask us the first question – will chromecast work in Bangladesh where internet speed is not super fast? The answer is really simple. If you can watch YouTube on your laptop or mobile with your home WiFi internet connection either in HD or normal then Definitely it WILL WORK for your Chromecast Too. Beside that in Bangladesh; most of the Braodband operator keep dedicated 8 to 10Mbps  speed for YouTube. So, you can easily watch HD TV without any trouble. In other hand if you have minimum 1 Mbps of dedicated speed of internet, you will be able to watch full HD videos with your Chromecast in Bangladesh. Without internet speed there is no other facts to barriar to use Chromecast working in Bangladesh.

Does Chromecast will work with my Sony or LG TV?

The simple answer is- this device compatible with all brands models regardless any size of TV. This device works just fine and the only requirement is to have HDMI port. So, it can work with any brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Walton TV or any other brands and all sizes are 100% compatible.

Final Thoughts

On a scale of 1-10, the Chromecast 2 definitely scores a 10 because it has so much going for it. If you haven’t already invested in it, there is no reason to wait to get Google Chromecast 2. You are sure to appreciate everything it has to offer.



Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast








        • Turns Regular TV in to Smart TV
        • It’s not expensive,
        • Unlimited Access- No Monthly Fee
        • Suitable for Quick Presentation at office


        • Nothing to mansion 🙂

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