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GoPro Hero4 Silver Review

GoPro is the worlds best action cam. Why best? hmm there is reason to called that- now a days almost every smartphone comes with very high quality of video capturing capability but GoPro Hero4 Silver has some additional form factor specially the 4K video recording on such small and tiny device is really impressive. If you notice you can see people are jumping from sky and shooting videos, people are going under water for dive and recording videos; How that possible? You must won’t jump with your Smartphone and start capturing or you can’t use your smartphone underwater or even you really can’t use your smartphone where a Action cam could work. So, you really need a specific sort of Camera called Action Cam and here GoPro is!

GoProWith loads features and functions GoPro become most popular in last few years on action camera industry. They introduced brand new concept of Action camera in such small device. GoPro has the power of capturing Full HD videos including latest 4K videos, under water videos with waterproof feature. GoPro has impressed millions of users with very high quality of HD videos. Due to the very handy size its mostly used on sports, training, YouTube videos, driving, biking, hiking and in some cases for professional use as well. You will find 95/100 people will give your very good feedback for the amazing video quality. With simple and easy operation and with the power of wireless syncing power GoPro become unparalleled in Action camera industry. In western countries GoPro brings a new trends of video recording. With the help of this Action Cam millions of peoples are earning from YouTube. With this GoPro hero 4 silver you can shot super slow motion video, Time laps video, Low light video and much more.


Before we dig the secrets we will need to focus on few awesome features what makes GoPro the real hero of sports cam generation.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver Key features:

  • 12MP photos &  1080p60 and 720p120 video with lifelike clarity
  • Built-in touch display
  • Waterproof to 131’ (40m)
  • Professional video quality
  • Control, view and share with built-in Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • World’s most immersive video
  • Built-in WiFi + Bluetooth

Who need this GoPro Hero4 Silver Sports Cam:

The name itself express the meaning of this Camera as Sports cam. Basically if you are looking for some action cam to recording your casual moments to high precious action movie. GoPro is very much popular for recording outdoors videos; such as honeymoon, Picnic or yearly outing for company or regular traveling as tourist. Its always better to carry a handy but powerful GoPro camera instead of heavy weight digi cam or DSLR. GoPro cameras are very much popular for making YouTube videos and for making TVC for commercial use. In Bangladesh lot’s of people are connected to different social activities including Cycling, Biking, hiking or travel the country with friends and explore the country. Beside that GoPro is a must have gadget if you are connected to any hip-hop or street dance group. So, either if you are an professional videographer or a amateur YouTuber this Waterproof action cam could gives you too much power of creating all the new things in a different level. Before you buy it better and if possible check if you could use it from your friends of someone to understand and get some basic idea how it could be useful for your creations. In bullet point you may need this if you are thinking of-

  • Professional Video recording
  • YouTube video recording
  • TVC or other commercial video recording
  • Underwater shooting
  • Sky drive video
  • Sea surfing video
  • Mountain or outdoors video
  • Surveillance and drone video


Good things about GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition:

  • Touch screen makes Hero 4 Silver better than any other model
  • Amazing video quality up to 4K
  • Under water shooting is really awesome and it supports up to 131 feet which is more than enough even for scuba dive.
  • Wireless connectivity and controlling for smart phone is fun
  • Audio quality is very clean and smooth
  • Very handy- Easy to carry, shooting, mounting on Arm, head, chest and almost anywhere
  • Many GoPro Accessories is available to enhance the action performance


GoPro hero 4 Silver Alternatives:

After huge success on the latest innovation of GoPro camera and their additional features, other manufacturer starts thinking of this Action cam models and some of them already introduced some cool camera already. If you have a tight budget or if you don’t’ have any problem with the budget for both there are few alternatives for this GoPro Hero 4 Silver as bellow-

  1. Hero 3+ edition
  2. Hero 4 Black edition
  3. Xiaomi YI action camera
  4. DJI Osmo Most stabilized 4K cinematic Camera

Limitations of Hero 4 Silver Edition:

There is no doubt Hero 4 Silver is one of the most versatile and immersive Waterproof action camera but still there is lots of room to improve. Out of all other good and impressive cool features here is some facts that needs to improve-

  • Battery life– With the default battery pack it can run around 2 to 2.5 hours when it’s on the full operating mode.
  • Need more stabilization
  • Still need additional Case to be waterproof
  • Price is still high compared to Xiomi YI

Conclusion GoPro hero 4 Silver Rivew:

Out of all GoPro Hero Action cam series Hero4 is the best based on lots of user review and feedback. In few words here i want to conclude that GoPro Hero4 has Display that’s not even available on Hero4 Black edition which is much expensive. With all Pros and Cons GoPro hero4 is real hero and still the best action cam over all other models and compared to other brands. If you are thinking to buy your new action cam, without much thinking you can buy this Hero 4 silver edition and trust me its worth buying and you will be agree when you will use it. Best of luck and happy Surfing and exploring with your new adventure partner.

I would must say and appreciate if you could share your experience after using the GoPro Hero 4 Silver by yourself in the bellow comment section.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

GoPro Hero4 Silver








        • Amazing video quality up to 4K
        • Touch screen
        • Under water shooting is now Fun
        • Wireless connectivity and controlling for smart phone
        • Lots of Accessories Available


        • Battery life is short
        • Little Expensive

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