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Pen Drive for iPhone and iPad – iXpand Review

Pen Drive for iPhone/iPad:

Do you have an iPhone or iPad? Then we have some good and some bad news for you. Let’s see whats the bad news first- The bad news is you can’t insert any memory card directly to your iPhone or iPad’s to get some additional storage and the good news is, we have some awesome Pen Drive collection and with that you can expand your iPhone/ iPad’s storage as seamlessly. Beside that now you can share, store and transfer any data from you iPhone/ iPad’s to any Computers or MacBook.

iXpand in Bangladesh

In recent day’s, Pen drive is a must have gadget for using in Computers. Due to heavy demand of Smartphones; the use of pen drive now also expand their use on to smartphone as well. As we know iPhone is the worlds most demanding and desirable Smartphone and the problem is you can’t expand the internal storage of any iPhone or iPads. There is not memory card slot on iPhone and iPads. Even the price for 16GB version of iPhone/ iPads to 32GB and to 64GB is really very high. In some cases the price difference is more than 20,000 Taka and some cases you may think that is not justified. Then whats the way?

Yes there is an alternative to break the barrier. Now you can use a special types of Pen drive which is “MFi– Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad ” certified pen drive made by worlds #1 memory manufacturer SanDisk. Called iXpand. This is not a regular type of pen drive or USB drive. It’s quite different than regular pendrive. It has dual port; one side with lightning port that compatible with latest versions of iPhone/iPads and other side is to use as regular USB 2.0 port for Computer.

Pen Drive

Now lets see all the pros and cons for this iPhone Pen Drive iXpand from a neutral point of view as a user. To make this review more useful for real life for the users, we will consider few things as bellow-

  • Usability & Compatibility of iXpand:

This iPhone or iPad pen drive is compatible with all latest version of iPhone and iPads which supports lightning port. The good thing is you can set this iXpand as your backup drive for your iPhone or iPad but the problem is, if you want to freed up your iPhone or iPad’s storage then you can’t. You really can’t move your data from your iPhone or iPads to your iXpand. It’s a good choice if you just want to keep backup and share your files on other device or computer. It can’t help you if you think to transfer your Apps or other file to get some free space on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Speed test of iXpand:

When you connect this pen drive to your iPhone or iPad roughly you will get 13 MB/s to 14 MB/s which is quite impressive and very useful for HD video streaming. The other side that designed for computer is USB2.0 which is a little back dated where USB3.0 is now expanding all around. For this expensive pen drive it was expected to be USB3.0 but it’s not. So, this device may not satisfy you fully while you are using it on Computer.

  • Current Price of iXpand in Bangladesh:

This iXpand iPhone Pen Drive has different capacities and price is also different. Here is the current price for the iXpand in Bangladesh-

  • 16GB iXpand Current Price in Bangladesh @ 4,200 Taka
  • 32GB iXpand Current Price in Bangladesh @ 6,200 Taka
  • 64GB iXpand
  • 128GB iXpand

Pros and Cons of iXpand Pen Drive:

This device is a cool innovation by SanDisk and specially designed for Apple users. It has made lot more new feature to do more with your low storage budget iPhone/iPads. Here is the Major Pros and Cons for this device that you may wish to know before buying it yourself-

Pros of iXpand Pen Drive:
  • Easy to share data from one iPhone/iPads to other and to PC without internet or iTunes.
  • Automatic Backup function is super useful
  • Now you can play any file format that generally doesn’t support by Apple products with SanDisk media player itself.
  • Fast enough to watch HD movies, photos and more
  • Easy to add storage at cheap compared to Apples higher storage
Cons of iXpand Pen Drive:
  • This device is battery operated and if the battery got down it won’t work
  • Its quite bulky in size than Android OTG Drives by SanDisk
  • It’s expensive and higher enough than other regular Pen Drive

iXpand iPhone, iPad Pen Drive

iXpand iPhone, iPad Pen Drive








        • Easy to share data
        • Automatic Backup function
        • Fast enough to watch HD movies


        • Operated by Battery
        • Little Bulky in size
        • Expensive compared to regular USB Drives

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