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SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh

SanDisk Memory Card for Professional users:

SanDisk Memory Card the story needs to know for professionals. If you are an photographer or videographer or simply an amateur smartphone user; Why allow yourself to be limited by the size of your devices internal storage? If you are like the rest of us, you take your mobile everywhere. My destinations are unlimited. My imagination is unlimited. So then why should I accept a limit on my memories? The simple truth is that there shouldn’t be a limit on life! There are no limits. There shouldn’t be limits on the memories you capture.

Either you are a professional photographer or scuba dive under water with your 4K video capable GoPro Hero4 Black, you will need real high speed of memory card to capture the HD data in real time. 

This is why everybody needs a little extra storage, the worst thing any of us can experience is that little message on our phones, cameras, camcorders or tablets popping up and saying “Storage Full”. Sometimes it is best to buy a whole new device, with a larger built in storage capacity. Most times however, it is easier and cheaper to buy an external memory card. These cards are small, light, relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

memory card

With SanDisk memory cards, you can quickly and simple easily free up or expand the storage on any of your latest devices; specially your Smartphone, music player or even your digital cameras, action camera or DSLR cameras. SanDisk Memory Card is the best and recommended memory brand by major device brands like- GoPro, Samsung, DJI etc.

Who & What is SanDisk?

SanDisk Corporation is the third largest manufacturer of flash memory in the world. Based in Milpitas, California it is an internationally acclaimed company whose products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. SanDisk started in 28 years ago, and their first major client, in 1988 was supplying Kodak with “Digital Film”. The success of the Kodak “digital film led to their growth and success today. SanDisk Memory Cards are used in all types of devices with removable storage. Cell Phones, Tablets, Cameras, and even digital photo frames can all use SanDisk memory card for their storage needs.

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The SanDisk Memory Cards are designed from amateur home use to professionals that excellent, yet affordable, performance. SanDisk have claimed that their latest memory cards are some of the fastest SD cards on the market. With a write speed of 80 mb/s and up to 280 mb/s read speed, it is easy to understand this bold claim.
For home use, A SanDisk memory card lets you capture high-quality pictures and videos on any Android smartphone or tablet. Any pictures or videos that you take can be quickly and easily transferred between the card and your Computer at amazing speeds of up to 80 MB/s.

The latest addition to the SanDisk offerings is the Memory Zone application. This application makes it simple and quick to back-up or view and access whatever data is stored on the memory card. An added benefit of the Memory Zone app is that it will ensure that your phone is operating at its best possible performance, by downloading files automatically from the phone to the SanDisk memory card. The SanDisk Memory Card, SanDisk microSDHC, SD Card, SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh are high quality, high performance products. They are compatible with the latest 4K cameras, and are extremely hardy and durable. They are waterproof, shock proof, can handle extreme highs and low temperature, can easily cope with extreme temperature fluctuations, and are even magnet proof. Most excitingly, any SanDisk Memory Card, SanDisk microSDHC, SD Card, SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh comes with a SanDisk 5 years of warranty.

SanDisk Memory Card

Use your SanDisk Memory Card, SanDisk microSDHC, SD Card, SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh to get more performance out of your tablet, by adding flexible and easily replaceable mobile memory. Store, protect and share your videos, pictures, personal and work files easily. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, sharing the data on a SanDisk memory card is as simple as if it was built in device storage SanDisk Memory Cards come in an entire range of sizes. Choose which size you need based on your own unique needs. The Sandisk storage space sizes available in Bangladesh are- 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and yet to come 200GB. Note that the 200 GB memory cards are designed for high end, professional use. They are in serious demand by professional camera crews and photographers worldwide. This makes the SanDisk 200 GB memory cards more expensive than the traditionally consumer focused models. All SanDisk Memory cards are similar in color, and all SD cards come with a sliding switch allows the user to manually enable write-protect. This will ensure that your data is protected from any sort of accident.

Speed test with other Memory cards:

If we consider with other brands of Memory card as like Lexar, ADATA, Transcend or Kingston side by side we will found that the SanDisk Memory Card performance is much higher and stable in operation. Either you are using your SanDisk memory card on your smartphone or on professional DSLR camera you will expect the best performance to get the best result from your expensive devices; and SanDisk Memory Card is one of the best one of this kind. Either you are a professional photographer or scuba dive under water with your 4K video capable GoPro Hero4 Black, you will need real high speed of memory card to capture the HD data in real time. Here is some test result from shows how SanDisk is faster than the Transcend memory card.

SanDisk VS Transcend Memory card test result

In the test it’s clear that SanDisk is much faster than the transcend memory card. So hope this may help to decide to buy your next high speed memory card in Bangladesh. It is always a wise decision to buy high speed memory card to get the best performance from your latest Smartphones or DSLR cameras.

To be honest, SanDisk memory cards are little bit expensive than other brands but when you need high speed. When you can’t compromise with performance then you may consider SanDisk as your first choice as chosen by millions of professionals around the world. SanDisk Memory Card has the latest technology not only to capture faster but also with secure storage. capture and secure your memory for life time with SanDisk Memory Card.

Pros of SanDisk Memory Cards:

SanDisk memory cards offer fantastic performance – make sure you know what you are going to be using the memory card for. It is not necessary to purchase the top of the line Ultra range when all you are going to be using it for is to save songs on your android tablet. At the same time, if the memory card is going into a HD camera, or other high-end performance product then make sure you buy the best quality SanDisk Memory Card, SanDisk microSDHC, SD Card, SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh available. Lifetime warranty – As long as you don’t misuse your memory card, the SanDisk Life time warranty is an added bonus that you should never need to take advantage of. They are so durable that it is difficult to damage them through normal, everyday use. For professionals who need exact performance as quoted by the manufacturer, it will be difficult to get the SanDisk products to disappoint you. They are always within acceptable performance limits and have never had out-of-box failures.

SanDisk Professional SD Cards

Cons of SanDisk Memory Cards:

SanDisk memory cards can be expensive. They are actually the most reasonably priced memory cards available on the market, but if you buy the high-end version for simple, everyday use then you will be over spending unnecessarily. Unfortunately the only real handicap to a high quality SanDisk memory card occurs when you plug it into old technology devices. The older devices are generally unable to access the full technology of the latest cards and the performance of both devices suffer. This is related to the point above – make sure you buy the most appropriate memory card for your needs and you will not have any issues with the SanDisk products.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a reliable, durable and over all good quality memory card, then a SanDisk Memory Card, SanDisk microSDHC, SD Card, SanDisk Memory Card in Bangladesh is a perfect purchase for you. Do your research, make sure you know exactly what it will be used for, and your SanDisk memory card will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

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