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Scientific Calculator fx-991es Plus Review

Scientific Calculator fx-991es Plus is one of the best and top rated Engineering calculator around the world. This Scientific calculator has lots of cool and useful features that make this fx-991es plus unparalleled. This calculator is most popular due to its Natural display and knows as classroom series of Casio Scientific Calculator. This Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus also has 40 Scientific variables value on it; so you really don’t need to memorize that anymore. Its button is very soft and very much comfortable to use for regular and use of exams.

Scientific Calculator fx-991es

Here are some most important and strong features about this scientific calculator fx-991es plus

Scientific Calculator fx-991es Plus Features:

  • Two-way power (Solar+Capacitive)
  • 417 Functions
  • Full Dot Display
  • Integration / Differential
  • Equation calculation
  • Matrix calculations / Vector calculations
  • Complex number calculation
  • CALC function / SOLVE function
  • Base-n calculation
  • Fraction calculations
  • Combination and permutation

If you are looking an Engineering Calculator or best quality and service of Casio Scientific Calculator in Bangladesh then we will recommend this Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus. There is many other models os scientific calculator in the market but of all Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus has more functions and better life time. This Scientific Calculator fx-991es comes with 417 functions. If you are college students and looking to buy new scientific calculator still we will suggest you to buy this model.

Why should you buy Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus?

  • It has more functions
  • It has Dual Power Capability
  • Easy to use all functions
  • Very useful to engineering calculations
  • User-friendly and Natural display

Alternatives of Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus:

There is lot more other models including fx-570, fx-82, fx-100ms, fx-991ms and so on. Beside all other models Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus has more functions and lots of students use it and it could be an added advantages. If you are facing any issue or not understanding any new functions you can go and ask next to your friends and they will be able to help you and you will learn more and more and will get the best result from your favorite Scientific Calculator fx-991es plus.

Scientific Calculator fx-991es Plus

Scientific Calculator fx-991es Plus








        • Two way power (Solar+Capacitive)
        • 417 Functions
        • User friendly and Natural display
        • Cheap in price


        • No back light on the display

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